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18th May, 2024
Saturday  |  11:00 AM IST
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In this webinar, we will focus on cultivating the skill of deconstructing arguments into their fundamental components – premise, conclusion, and the underlying logical structure. This technique will enhance your ability to understand the logic of the argument and identify the assumptions that the author makes.
Author’s Assumptions
Students often struggle to choose among the last few answer options in CR, usually due to prematurely examining choices without fully grasping the argument. In this webinar, we will teach you how to use pre-thinking to discern the author's assumptions, creating a strong basis for evaluating answer choices and boosting your CR proficiency.
For each focus area, you will get a time estimate.
This time estimate is based on data from 1000+students
Negation Test
Enhance your Critical Reasoning skills by mastering the negation test, a crucial method for verifying the accuracy of your assumptions. This technique helps in effectively rejecting strengtheners and significantly improves your accuracy in CR questions.
Those “close” but “incorrect” answers choices can be rejected using Visualization
Confused by lots of data – levege Simplification to get to the crux of the problem.
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