Score 99th %ile on the GMAT Focus Edition
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Get Personalized Study Plan
Define Focus Areas
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15th June, 2024
Saturday  |  11:00 AM IST
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Three Things you will learn
from this webinar
Build a Personalized
Study Plan
Whether you are strong in Quant, Verbal, or DI, whether  you need a 50-point or 250-point improvement, each one of you will learn how to build study plan just for you.
e-GMATers built 10,000+ individual plans in '23.
A Personalized Study Plan gets you there in half the time.
Focus areas
Your GFE score is composed of threesectional and 8 sub-sectional abilities.  Each one of you will get a precise estimate ofyour starting abilities in each subsection.
For each focus area, you will get a time estimate.
This time estimate is based on data from 1000+students
High Value Concepts
Learn Simplification, Visualization, and Inference – three skills that the GMAT Focus tests extensively. Then apply these skills to solve 700-level questions to give yourself that nudge in the right direction.
Those “close” but “incorrect” answers choices can be rejected using Visualization
Confused by lots of data – levege Simplification to get to the crux of the problem.
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60% of all verified 700+ scores reported on GMAT Club are from e-GMAT Students​.
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The Host

Rajat sadana

Top 5 expert on GMAT Club

Rajat Sadana is one of the top-rated experts (#2 out of 100+) on GMAT Club. He has helped 100K+ students ace the GMAT.

A graduate of IIT Delhi, Rajat is an inventor who has 5 patents based on Predictive Analytics. Rajat co-architected e-GMAT’s xPERT AI – a measurement system used to isolate student’s weaknesses, inculcate good habits, and using analytics, predict success on the GMAT.