How Sankha scored
715 (99th %ile) on the GMAT Focus Edition
Attend this session to learn
Study Plan for improvement from 595
Perfect Quant, Exceptional Verbal and DI
Test Readiness after multiple failures
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14th December, 2023
Thursday  |  8:30 PM IST
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Four Things you will learn
from this webinar
Build a Personalized
Study Plan
Whether you are strong in Quant or Verbal, learn how to define your sectional scores, build a study calendar, and estimate the time needed for every section. Understand how Sankha did the above and how you can adapt the same for your journey.
Prepare to Excel
Sankha scored a perfect Q90, V86 (98th percentile), and DI 81 (91st percentile). Understand the mind and metrics of 99th percentile scorer and leverage Sakha’s toolkit to excel in your GMAT journey.
from failure(s)
Sakha had multiple failures on the GCE. Yet, every time he came stronger and more determinted. Learn how Sankha kept his spirit up during these time of failures.
GMAT focus over the GMAT Current Edition
Sankha initially prepared for the GMAT Current Edition, yet chose to pivot to the Focus Edition at the last minute. Learn how he made this decision and how he strategized his preparation to excel on the focus edition.
The Host

Rajat sadana

Top 5 expert on GMAT Club

Rajat Sadana is one of the top-rated experts (#2 out of 100+) on GMAT Club. He has helped 100K+ students ace the GMAT.

A graduate of IIT Delhi, Rajat is an inventor who has 5 patents based on Predictive Analytics. Rajat co-architected e-GMAT’s xPERT AI – a measurement system used to isolate student’s weaknesses, inculcate good habits, and using analytics, predict success on the GMAT.